Some of these resources are ones I’ve developed. Others are ones I’ve linked to and find myself regularly referencing. They’ll be categorized for industry workers/hopefuls, writers, illustrators, and readers.

I am building this page on an ongoing basis but I wanted to share some resources I’ve built as well as link to others I find helpful.

If you’ve found any of the below information or resources I’ve made helpful and want to give back the following options are certainly welcome though not obligated.

  • Buy one (or more) of my client’s books and leave a kind review
  • Send a dollar or two to help me pay for cat food/toys and groceries at my venmo (but only if you can afford to)
  • Pay it forward: share this information with others and–as your career grows–help others climb the ladder with/after you. Publishing and reading is a community like many others, and it takes work to maintain it.
  • And unionize your workplace!

Best of luck and happy reading!

– Claire

Table of Contents

Resources for All Creatives

Resources for Industry Workers and Hopefuls

Resources for Writers

Resources for Illustrators

Resources for Readers

Information I Like