Resources for Writers

Quick Formatting Shortcuts Video by Kerrigan Wade

Expand and Compress instead of Show, Don’t Tell by Mary Robinette Kowal


“Show, don’t tell” makes me cranky. We are storytellers, and telling is an important part of writing. “Showing” means expanding something so you can live in an emotional moment. Not everything needs to be dwelt upon. #writingadvice #writertok #writersoftiktok #booktok #writingexcuses #showdonttell

♬ original sound – maryrobinette

Why We Don’t Italicize Non-English Langauges by Daniel José Older


Why We Don’t Italicize Non-English Words—reposting this ol hit BookTok #authorsoftiktok #writing #yabooktok Books #English Grammar publishingtips

♬ original sound – Daniel José Older

Why Do Monster Romances Exist by pixelsandpins aka Ashe Thurman


#stitch with @kblackship I need to get this bad boy online, at some point. #monsterfudgers #romancenovels

♬ original sound – Ashe Thurman SF&F Writer

How Making Audio Erotica Helped Me Write Better Dialogue by Selene Ross (summary on tiktok by Eleanor Stern) AKA How to Write Better Dialogue


(the rumors are true i am getting over a cold) #writing #dialogue

♬ original sound – Eleanor Stern