Resources for Industry Workers and Hopefuls

Getting Started Working In Publishing by Claire Draper

Work Life Balance as a Literary Agent by Claire Draper

Informational Interviews:

I offer these year round to anyone of any experience or age looking to get into publishing, or for people already in the industry wanting my opinion/input on their advancement in publishing. I will talk with you for an hour and give you as much information as I can. I offer follow up informationals and have an open door policy for further questions. You are welcome to book a time here.

*Querying authors do not use this as a means of connecting with me; it is solely intended for people wanting to get into the publishing industry.

Practical DEI Inclusion in the Workplace by thegardeningtheologian


Replying to @chocoholic990 awesome question! I’ve offered some of my recommendations in this video! #fyp #diversityequityinclusion #implicitbias #inclusion #organizationalchangemanagement #corporatetok #worktok

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Burnout Tip: Joy vs Relief by Sarah Dopp

What Leaders Need to Know about Quiet Quitting, the Great Resignation, Unionization by Dr Kim Hires