Resources for All Creatives

When Do I Earn Out? app calculator by Hana Lee

School Visit Guide by Scholastic

Book Launch Survival Guide by Aiden Thomas

Complete Guide to Query Letters by Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman’s Advice Archive by Jane Friedman

Book Bans and What Is Being Done by Penguin Random House

Productivity Time Timer MOD-Great for keeping time visually (silent and aloud timer end)

How Mickey Mouse Destroyed the Public Domain by Adam Ruins Everything

You Make Stuff for People Who Will Love It by John Green


#stitch with @Ken you dont make stuff for everybody.

♬ original sound – John Green

What Happens at an Acquisitions Meeting by twokidliteditors aka Mishma and Ruqayyah

Forms of Passive Income by Rileslovesyall

Royalties and Advances and their Unfairness by Xiran Jay Zhao


Replying to @grumpy_writer Defending corporations isn’t going to make them care more about you, man #booktok #books #authortok

♬ My Story – Aditya Cipta Gumilar

My Business Growth by Paper Bunny Press

Giving Your All Is Not the Same for Everyone by Morgan.Howls

Workers vs Owners In Work Ethic by GregFromHTD

Things to help when running a Booth by _madebyemi